Your product will be made to a high standard and the challenge is to protect it in safe and aesthetic packaging. We aim to be cost effective, comply with end of shelf life conditions, environmental requirements and marketing positioning. MECAPLAST has the capacity to pack your products, from few units to several millions units a year, in ISO Class 7 or in a normal environment.

Soft Blisters & Pouches

Our soft blister packing line is equipped with assembly and dispensing robots that can handle very small parts or large products, such as a plastic bottle.

Various dimensions of peel pouches are available in order to fit perfectly to the shape and size of your product.


Rigid Blisters

Whether your products have to be protected from external constraints or presented in a convenient and aesthetic manner, the rigid blister is the perfect choice. At MECAPLAST, we produce custom made rigid blister packaging, fitting exactly to your requirements

Secondary Packing

In partnership with our box and carton suppliers, we can provide a complete packaging service to correspond to your company image and market position but also taking care to optimise palletisation.