You have an idea about a product; we have the tools and knowledge to materialise your idea. Together, we can develop the ultimate product to exceed your expectations, whilst respecting technical constraints, applicable norms and safety requirements

Product design

Our designers are involved from the first step and are ready to develop your idea and adapt it to handle the demands of real world environments. For example; material selection, process specifications and complex tooling mechanics, in fact, whatever the challenge may be.

Injection Moulds design

Our team of engineers develop moulds by constantly focusing on quality, costs effectiveness, usage and injection technology. With the help of injection simulation software, our designers are able to predict the injection conditions and, therefore, to make designs faster and more intuitively. 

Thermoforming Moulds design

Based on the same principles of injection moulding, we can propose integrated solutions for products and guarantee they are packed in aesthetic and secure packaging.