Assembly operations take place in a controlled cleanroom or in a normal environment. Depending on volume and assembly time, either our skilled operators or automated assembly processes are involved. We offer high quality at competitive manufacturing costs.


Sub-assembly activities take place at MECAPLAST and are completed in ISO Class 7 or in a normal environment, depending on the required production conditions.

Finished product assembly

MECAPLAST is also able to assemble high precision and complex finished products, by using assembly process such as solvent and polymer gluing, surface activation (plasma-polymerisation), ultrasonic sealing and elastomer embedding. Depending on the required production conditions, these processes take place in ISO Class 7 or in a normal environment.

Ultrasonic sealing

Ultrasonic sealing is the fastest and most cost effective method used today to join and assemble plastic parts and non-ferrous metals. Our machine shop includes an ultrasonic assembly system enabling cost effective assembly where fasteners, glues and/or solvents are to be avoided.

Hot and Pad printing

Whether it is round or non-flat shapes, very small dimensions or large volume, we are equipped with hot and pad printing systems that can print any text, logo or pictogram on your products without colour limitation.